A cocktail of music from a group of musicians with a long and wide ranging pedigree.

With a line up of piano, upright bass, fiddle and vocal, occasionally augmented with clarinets, concertina and melodeon, the band performs songs and tunes, old and new, light and dark, still and sparkling.

Recipe – Mix all of the above add a splash of song and a dash of dance music, sit back and enjoy.


Review of Strawberry Leaves from Albion and Beyond

Your mixocologists for the event are Pete Bullock on keyboards, Fi Fraser fiddle and
glorious vocals and Howard Mitchell on double bass and melodeon, wait staff include
Jo Freya on saxaphones and whistle, Harry Hamer percussion, Jude Abbott flugelhorn
and the No Masters Choir and together they brew a heady concoction that seductively
whispers, "Go on then, give me another!" and the service is simply excellent!